Rosie’s new show expected to be “‘Big Gay’ hit

Rosie O’ Donnell

What with a cruise line, a feud with Donald Trump, and keeping the ladies of “The View” on their toes, you’d think Rosie O’Donnell wouldn’t be able to fit anything else into her schedule. But she’s found room to executive produce “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” a self-described comedy series set to debut on Logo on April 24. O’Donnell isn’t the only established queer talent behind this eagerly-awaited show lesbian “Married…with Children” star Amanda Bearse will direct, and filmmakers Craig Chester (“Adam & Steve”) and Q. Allan Brocka (“Eating Out”, “Boy Culture”) are among those to cook up sketches in the writers’ room. With producers from “Kids in the Hall” and “Mad TV” behind the scenes, there’s every reason to expect this to be a “Big Gay” hit.

Angela Robinson “Pledged” to Sorority

Perhaps the most angst-free lesbian filmmaker in history, Angela Robinson has already developed a following from her hilarious and romantic girl-loves-girl spy thriller “D.E.B.S.” and her witty spin on Disney’s established “Love Bug” series with “Herbie: Fully Loaded.” Now she’s casting her eye on the exclusive and well-guarded secrets of sorority life with “Pledged,” based on Alexandra Robbins’ book about a 20-something investigative journalist going undercover through sorority rush. Jill Soloway, one of “Six Feet Under”‘s best writers (and sister to lesbian comedian-singer Faith Soloway), is attached to adapt. Meanwhile, Robinson has two other projects in development the warlock love story “Witches” and the cyborg adventure “Jenbot” so prepare to see lots more from this talented director who clearly isn’t afraid to indulge her sweet tooth.

Bryan Singer may make merry with Crowe

We know that gay director Bryan Singer has really arrived in Hollywood, because every time a big-budget project gets announced, his name almost always seems to be attached. Take the recent news about “Nottingham,” which casts the Sheriff of Nottingham (to be played by Russell Crowe) as a hero, and Robin Hood as a dirty, low-down thief. With Crowe’s “Beautiful Mind” producer Brian Grazer attached and even the writers scoring a seven-figure deal, “Nottingham” is officially a Very Big Deal in Hollywood. And Singer may wind up directing it. Unless Ridley Scott does. Or Sam Raimi. That part’s still up in the air. “Nottingham” starts shooting at the end of the year or in early 2008, so Singer should know soon if he needs to put it on his calendar.

Parker Posey and Kristin Chenoweth head for “Asphalt Beach”

Gay fans of indie film queen Parker Posey will follow her anywhere, from Hal Hartley’s quirky dramedies to the larger-than-life “Superman Returns.” Now Posey is headed for “Asphalt Beach,” a new musical about a clash between two boarding-school girls from opposite sides of the tracks. Starring opposite Posey will be another gay fave, Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth (“Wicked”), who recently played a closeted lesbian housewife in the little-seen “Running with Scissors.” Directing and co-writing “Asphalt” is Peter Spears, who caused quite a stir at queer film fests a few years back with his darkly hilarious “Ernest and Bertram,” which recast a certain ambiguously gay duo from children’s TV as the protagonists of “The Children’s Hour.” He sounds like the perfect director for these actresses, and vice versa.

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