Nixon to keep an eye on “‘The Babysitters’

Cynthia Nixon

“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon has focused her attention on the stage in recent years most notably an acclaimed turn in Broadway’s “Rabbit Hole” but she keeps a hand in both film and TV as well.

Her next film appearance will be in the feature “The Babysitters,” about a teenager who takes her skills at organizing a babysitting service and turns herself into a pubescent Heidi Fleiss.

John Leguizamo (one of the flamboyant crossdressers in “To Wong Foo”) will play a married dad who’s a client of our heroine’s budding business. With indie power producers Scott Macaulay and Robin O’Hara (“Idlewild,” “Raising Victor Vargas”) backing the project, don’t be surprised to see “The Babysitters” debut at a highprofile film festival this year before playing a theater near you.

Moss grows on “‘Garden’

Not every woman who looks great in black leather and can proficiently kick bad-guy butt becomes a lesbian icon, but Carrie-Anne Moss certainly did.

Her sleek bod and stunning wire-work set sapphic hearts a-flutter in the “Matrix” series, and now Moss will return to the big screen opposite Julia Roberts, no less for the ensemble family drama “Fireflies in the Garden.”

Ryan Reynolds and Emily Watson are also in negotiations to join the film, which marks the feature directorial debut of screenwriter Dennis Lee.

“Fireflies” is based on Lee’s own experiences, and deals with family members coping with tragedy and finding strength in one another. Shooting is slated to start in March in Austin, so don’t count on seeing this “Garden” until Christmas at the earliest.

Pace has the touch for “‘Pushing Daisies’

Lee Pace won acclaim for his heart-wrenching portrayal of transgendered woman Calpernia Addams in Showtime’s ripped-from-the-headlines drama “Soldier’s Girl.”

Since then, he’s made other very interesting choices, from co-starring in the brilliantly quirky cult TV series “Wonderfalls” to playing one of the killers in the little-seen Capote biopic “Infamous.”

Now, Pace is re-teaming with “Wonderfalls”‘ gay co-creator Bryan Fuller for a new series, “Pushing Daisies,” which will also feature a combination of romance and otherworldliness.

Pace plays a man whose touch can bring the dead back to life and you know how complicated that can be.

With Fuller and gay executive producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen (“American Beauty”) in the credits, hopes are high that the “Daisies” pilot will push its way onto ABC’s fall schedule.

Click your high heels for “‘Lipstick’ and “‘Cashmere’

“Sex and the City,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Ugly Betty” proved that glamorous, woman-centric shows could score big ratings numbers (and massive gay followings).

So don’t be surprised to see more of their ilk on TV this fall.

Brooke Shields will star in NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle,” about three successful 40-something women making their way in Manhattan. And if that sounds familiar, it’s because “Jungle” is based on a book by Candace Bushnell, author of “Sex and the City.”

Darren Star, the out mogul who brought “Sex” to TV, has in turn created “Cashmere Mafia” for ABC, dealing with a group of female executives in, yes, Manhattan, helping each other balance work, family and romance.

Polish up those Louboutins, girls it’s going to be a busy autumn.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 16, 2007. реклама на дорожных щитах