“‘Hairspray’ producers launch new project

Nikki Blonsky

Gay mega-producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are raking it in at the box office with the smash summer musical “Hairspray,” but they’re keeping too busy to rest on their laurels.

The duo is teaming with actor William H. Macy for “Family Man,” a one-hour drama pilot for TNT.

Macy will star as an upstanding member of the community who, by night, secretly leads a dysfunctional, bickering gang of criminals. Macy has had a good run with the cable network thus far he earned an Emmy for the made-for-TNT movie “Door to Door” and was nominated again for the channel’s “The Wool Cap.”

Steven Schachter, who directed both those films, will direct and co-write (with Macy) “Family Man,” which would premiere in 2008, if picked up.

Who will play gay couple on “‘Desperate Housewives?’

While the hit nighttime soap “Desperate Housewives” has racked up a fervent gay following with its fierce heroines and over-the-top storylines, the show’s occasional queer characters have existed somewhat on the margins.

Until now, that is.

The show’s gay creator, Marc Cherry, has announced his intentions to have a male couple move to Wisteria Lane. One of the men will apparently have a contentious relationship with Teri Hatcher’s character, Susan.

No word yet as to which actors will fill the roles, although the British tabloids had a field day conjecturing that Robbie Williams and new L.A. resident David Beckham might get the gig.

Viewers everywhere will find out who the show’s new gays are when the couple makes its debut appearance on the fifth episode of the new “Housewives” season.

Blonsky to star in comedy “‘Harold’

How much do we love “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky, the effervescent, voluptuous young newcomer who shimmied her way into our hearts as Tracy Turnblad?

Despite the prevailing wisdom that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with a talented big girl, Blonsky’s continuing to get work. She has been cast as the lead character’s best friend in “Harold,” a comedy about a teenage boy (Spencer Breslin) who starts prematurely balding.

In a casting move guaranteed to make Gen X-ers feel old, Ally Sheedy will play Harold’s mother. Yes, that’s right the star of “High Art” and the teen classic “The Breakfast Club” is now playing a teenager’s mom.

Let’s toast her with some Metamucil and look forward to the release of “Harold” in 2008.

Documentary captures writer-director Waters at his filthy best

If you’ve never spent “An Evening with John Waters,” listening to the hilarious writer-director do stand-up comedy about his life and career, then you’ve missed out on one of his many talents.

Thankfully, the new documentary “This Filthy World” captures the Pope of Trash at his brilliant best.

Directed by Jeff Garlin (best known as Larry David’s pudgy sidekick on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), “Filthy” features Waters talking about the many high and low points of his career, with dishy tales about stars like Johnny Depp, Kathleen Turner, Ricki Lake and Tab Hunter, alongside moving and bizarre accounts of working with the legendary Divine.

Waters fans will have the chance to experience “This Filthy World” when the documentary hits DVD this October.

Hathaway tells Newsweek that brother, best friends are gay men

Anne Hathaway, who plays writer Jane Austen in the movie “Becoming Jane,” told Newsweek, in an interview in its issue hitting the stands on Monday, Aug. 13, that her brother and all of her best friends are gay men.

She also said she and her boyfriend, real estate developer Raffaello Follieri, “worship each other,” and called her scene with Colin Firth in “Pride and Prejudice” “porno for tome-reading, tea-drinking girls.”

The actress said “about 95 percent of my friends are gay men,” as is her brother. But she ducked a question about whether that complicated things because Follieri works with the Roman Catholic Church, which does not sanction gay sexual relationships.

“I’d rather not discuss criticism of the Catholic Church,” she said. “They’ve done a lot of great work throughout the world.”

ABC comes out on top in GLAAD’s first Network Responsibility Index

With shows like “Brothers & Sisters” and “Ugly Betty,” ABC came out on top in the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s inaugural Network Responsibility Index.

For the index, GLAAD monitored all 4,693 hours of primetime programming from June 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007. Each hour was reviewed for on-screen LGBT representations.

ABC led the way among the networks with 15 percent of its primetime programming inclusive of LGBT representations.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 10, 2007 биржа копирайтера