Lesbian couple out of “‘Amazing Race’

Kate Lewis (left), Pat Hendrickson

Slow and steady did not win “The Amazing Race” for Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson.

The reality series’ first-ever lesbian couple was eliminated in Amsterdam during Sunday’s episode after losing precious time during a challenge scouring through thousands of bicycles for a color-coded tag.

“I admit I was out of shape,” says Hendrickson, who’s lost 40 pounds since filming. “I could do much better now.”

During the race’s first Detour challenge, Lewis and Hendrickson opted to search through a parking garage full of bikes. Looking back, Lewis and Hendrickson wished they would’ve chosen to hoist furniture up the side of the building.

“We definitely could’ve done that,” says Lewis. “I’ve done macrame, too.”

Lewis, 49, and Hendrickson, 65, from Thousand Oaks, Calif., tied the knot three years ago. The “married ministers” team was the oldest duo featured in the 12th edition of the Emmy-winning competitive reality series, and the show’s first lesbian couple.

Salma Hayek takes over TV with three new shows

“Ugly Betty” was no fluke for Salma Hayek.

The Latina actor knows that Hollywood tends to turn its back on women as they age, so what better way to keep in front of the camera than to run the show behind the scenes?

That’s why Hayek has turned Hollywood player with several new projects bought by both ABC and CBS. Queer audiences weaned on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” will have their interests piqued by the untitled female werewolf drama written by gay comics creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, but Hayek is also working on developing “Guilty,” a marriage drama; “Get Out,” a workplace sitcom; and “Yo!”, about an author who uses her immigrant family as the subject of her work. If even one of the shows catches fire like “Ugly,” Sayak should be sitting pretty for some time to come.

Malcolm Gets in film about Jacqueline Kennedy’s relatives

Since the end of “Caroline in the City,” gay actor Malcolm Gets has moved over to the indie side of life, appearing in “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing” and the queer romantic comedy “Adam & Steve.”

But now he’s signed on to participate in what could become his most high-profile project to date. “Grey Gardens,” which we reported on earlier, is the narrative film based on the documentary of the same name about Jacqueline Kennedy’s eccentric relatives, Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter, “Little Edie.”

Boosted by the success of the Tony Award-winning musical, this version won’t feature characters breaking into song nearly as much as the stage play, but Gets will appear as “Big Edie’s” musical accompanist, alongside Jessica Lang, Drew Barrymore and Jeanne Tripplehorn as Jackie Kennedy.

The finished product will air on HBO in 2008. Can’t wait.

“‘The L Word’ gets its man: Wallace Shawn

Character actor Wallace Shawn is one of those men you know but maybe don’t know that you know the guy who kept muttering the word “inconceivable” during “The Princess Bride,” to name one of his many comedic projects.

And now that the new season of “The L-Word” is just around the corner, Shawn will be joining the cast as the money man behind writer Jenny’s “fictional” film project, “Les Girls.”

The veteran of more comedies than most actors can count, Shawn will appear in a multi-episode arc.

And yes, that means Jenny (Mia Kirshner) didn’t wind up being eaten by sharks when she set sail in a little boat at the end of last season, though getting back to land to work on a film in Hollywood can have similar results.

Tony Kushner’s latest marquee-unfriendly play

Tony Kushner, the award-winning playwright behind the landmark “Angels in America,” is hard at work on a new piece.

Its tentative title? “The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures.”

There’s no word on the plot yet and if there were, it might take too much room here to explain but it’s reportedly going to deal with gay issues in a family setting. So pity the poor person assigned to arrange those letters on a marquee.

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