Jordan rolls out ‘Pink Carpet’

What do Mae West, Bob Hope, Cab Calloway, Red Skelton and Leslie Jordan all have in common?

They have all played the crown jewel of Dallas playhouses, the Majestic Theatre.

Of course, Jordan is still alive to relish the experience.

Jordan will bring his one-man stage show, "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet," to the Majestic at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 28.

Jordan, who’s openly gay, is best known for his innumerable television appearances both as a series regular and guest star.

Along with playing Beverley Leslie, irascible nemesis to Karen Walker on "Will & Grace," he has appeared in "Boston Legal," "Ugly Betty" and "Reba. "

Tickets for the Majestic Theatre engagement of "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet" will be available through the box office. For additional information, visit or Information on the tour can be found by visiting

George Clooney is ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’
What’s the connection between the Coen Brothers’ dark, violent "No Country for Old Men" and the upcoming animated family feature "The Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

Besides Coen collaborator George Clooney in the starring voice role, that would be gay super-producer Scott Rudin, the man whose recent Oscar acceptance speech included a loving thank you to his partner (which was then strangely excised from the Academy’s official transcript).

Rudin tends to go where the hits are, and this Wes Anderson-directed, Clooney- and Cate Blanchett-voiced feature, about a quick-witted fox and three unpleasant farmers trying to do him in, looks like a sure-fire holiday hit.

And in this instance, "holiday" means Christmas of 2009. But not to worry, Clooney has "Burn After Reading" (the next one from the Coens) arriving during the interim.

Like ‘Strangers With Candy,’ but for kids
Until he crossed over to the PG-13 "Law and Order SVU," Chris Meloni was most notorious for gay sex scenes and full-frontal nudity on "Oz."

And now Meloni is set to become even more family-friendly. He’ll star in "Gym Teacher: The Movie" for Nickelodeon as a down-on-his-luck coach vying for the Gym Teacher of the Year award and finding an especially uncoordinated student standing in his way.

But this broad family comedy won’t be another "High School Musical." That’s because some people from a much stranger high school environment — Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris from "Strangers with Candy" — are involved, too.

Dinello, who played gay art teacher Mr. Jellineck on the bizarre sitcom, is directing. Meanwhile, Sedaris will star as the school’s principal, who has a obsessive crush on Meloni’s character.

The movie airs this August.

Indie film will ‘Pull’ Karen Black
Last year, up-and-coming filmmaker Cam Archer made a small splash with his quietly beautiful, experimental first feature "Wild Tigers I Have Known," about a young boy struggling with his emerging queer sexuality.

And even without a traditional plot, the film turned heads.

Now Archer is back, and this time with a view toward a (slightly) more mainstream audience.

"Pull," a dark drama about a woman with a compulsive need to pull out her own hair one strand at a time (sounds like Todd Haynes’ "Safe," but creepier), will star not only the legendary Karen Black ("Nashville") but also musician Rickie Lee Jones.

No word yet on when the movie will be ready for an audience, but if Archer’s first feature is any indication, it will be one that audiences won’t soon forget.

Want to sing along with Elton John?
You’ll have your chance Thursday, March 26, when Grand Staff Pianos, at 5348 Beltline Road in Dallas, unveils the Elton John Signature Series Red Piano by Yamaha.

Grand Staff Pianos is one of only a few dealers in Texas offering the chance for people to see and hear the hi-tech piano.

The piano features keys and pedals that come to life to recreate, note for note, performances recorded earlier by the Rocket Man himself.

Fans can go into the store and record their favorite E.J. songs on the piano, and then take home a CD of the recording.

This "Chinese Red" piano is the same color as the Yamaha piano John used in his Las Vegas show, and it marks the first time Yamaha has ever honored an artist by naming a piano after him.

No more than 50 of this model will be made, and all of them will be signed by John.

The piano will be at Grand Staff from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 21, 2008

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