Census BureauThe return rate of census forms in Texas this year matches the compliance rate in 2000 of 68 percent. The Dallas and Fort Worth return rate also matches the 2000 rates of 64 and 69 percent respectively. El Paso had the best return rate of any major Texas city at 72 percent.

If you haven’t returned your form, you can still do so. However, now it’s time for enumerators to get to work, but returning the form now may eliminate the visit.

Each home that did not return a form will get up to seven visits until the Census Bureau gets its information. That count will occur through July and will take 600,000 census workers.

Seem like a big waste of money? It is and could have been avoided by returning the constitutionally mandated census form.

Census figures are used to allocate congressional seats among the states and are a factor in the disbursement of more than $400 billion annually for schools, highways and other public services.

The Census Bureau likes to say that it’s only 10 questions and takes 10 minutes to complete, but it’s really much easier than that. It doesn’t take a full minute to answer each question. If you know your name and sex, you can answer each in less than a minute. Probably those who are objecting loudest to the constitutionally mandated census would have trouble with those questions.
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