Chance Browning, left, Travis Pelham and CJ Vandyke

165461_10152778184545637_2120029370_nDallas Voice/Digital Seltzer’s Chance Browning said his moment of fame at a rally in Irving for Hillary Clinton last night came because of his shoes.

Browning was one of more than 40 people who gathered across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel in Irving at about 6 p.m. last night to urge the former Secretary of State to run for president. The rally was organized by the Ready For Hillary PAC.

“We saw her motorcade, but couldn’t see her come in,” Browning said.

Clinton, in Dallas for the opening of the George Bush Library today, delivered her first paid speech since leaving the Cabinet. She spoke to the National Multi-Housing Council’s board of directors. According to the Washington Post, she spoke about international affairs, the economy and the role of rental housing in the U.S.

But what impressed us most about the Post’s article was its closing line:

“It’s never too early to start rallying support. I think she’s perfectly poised to run in 2016,” Browning said.

Oh, and the shoes. Browning said he got them online about two years ago but the link to them is gone.