Locked gate on Subway

The Subway sandwich shop on Cedar Springs Road is closed.


Subway owner Chet Whisenant called and said it was the high rent on Cedar Springs that hurt his business.

“I shut the restaurant down on Saturday night [Jan. 16],” he said.

That Monday, he contacted the landlord and returned the keys. Whisenant said he’d been in touch with the landlord, who knew the closing was coming.

“After six years, I couldn’t get the sales up to pay the high rent,” he said.



Indoor cycle studio door was open indicating something is being done with the space

A second vacancy on the block occurred a few doors down when the indoor cycling studio closed toward the end of last year. That store moved to Cedar Springs from Uptown and brought some of its Uptown clientele with it, but never attracted a Cedar Springs crowd.

This morning, work was being done on the indoor cycling space, but no notice has been posted announcing what’s coming into the space or whether the city has granted a permit for construction.


Out of the Closet is expanding.

The thrift store that supports AIDS Healthcare Foundation is expanding into the space. More details to come.