Mark ‘Major’ Jiminez, left, and Beau Chandler outside the courthouse this morning.

UPDATE: Dallas attorney Chad West, one of the couple’s attorneys, said the dismissal was a plea bargain and Chandler could still push the case to trial if he wanted. However, he said the couple wanted a trial or dismissal and this was the only way to get a dismissal in this case.

“In my mind, it’s a complete win,” he said. “There’s nothing better than this other than a full dismissal.”

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Trevizo, the prosecutor on Chandler’s case, said the case is a conditional dismissal and would be dismissed when the community service was completed. She declined to comment on why the case wasn’t simply dismissed altogether.


Beau Chandler and Mark “Major” Jiminez, the couple arrested at a marriage equality sit-in in July, are one step closer to their goal. The couple has vowed to see their charges of criminal trespass through to trial unless their cases are dismissed.

Chandler’s case was dismissed Tuesday during his first court appearance. Supporters lined up for a rally in the chilly weather in front of Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building before the couple went inside.

One of the couple’s attorneys, Chad West, met with the assistant district attorney and agreed to a dismissal and a waive of the $650 fine if Chandler completes 40 hours of community service.

Chandler said he felt neutral after he learned the outcome because he wanted a full dismissal instead of community service. However, he and Jiminez often volunteer so 40 hours wouldn’t be hard to finish.

“I feel kind of neutral. I’m not happy. I’m not disappointed,” he said. “It’s a win.  All in all, it sort of worked out. It is a dismissal which was out ultimate goal.”

Jiminez said his two cases are still pending and he doesn’t know when his next court appearance will be. His cases were moved to another court, so he said that is part of the hold up.

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