ilumeMark Simon caught a burglar in his apartment in the ilume on Saturday, Dec. 10 after leaving his door unlocked for just a minute.

Simon told CBS 11 that he had had just stepped out of his apartment to see a friend down the hall. The door self-locks, but a man had slipped into the apartment before the door locked.

When Simon returned, he saw the man in his apartment with a bag full of electronics. Before the burglar fled the apartment, Simon had his friend take pictures of him on his phone and the man left the items he had planned to steal.

Police haven’t arrested him the man, but have questioned him. Although he’s been seen around the ilume since then and Simon has pictures of the man in the apartment, charges haven’t been filed because he wasn’t caught with stolen merchandise or caught in or escaping from the apartment.

Dallas Voice has contacted Dallas police for more information.