Hunter Valentine
McCloskey, center.

Thursday night at the Cavern on Lower Greenville, a triple threat of queer rock is happening. The Cliks, Hunter Valentine and Killola bring their tour to Dallas, but as a slight preview, Hunter Valentine‘s frontwoman Kiyomi McCloskey took some time to give us her quips on a seemingly burgeoning wave of queer music, how the tour is going and insights to the life of a rock star.

On booking this tour with The Cliks:  “I’ve known (frontman) Lucas for a long time since I was a teenager. We’re both from Toronto and  I just remember trying to throw a queer music night and I booked his band four or five years ago. That first time we made a friendly connection.”

On a growing number of out bands and musicians:  “It’s an awesome thing. Queer music is growing and popping up in mainstream all the time. I feel really lucky to be on tour with solid musicians who are out.”

On Canada’s growth spurt of gay music:  “Must be something in the water.” (Which is what Sara from Tegan & Sara said.)

On being on the tour:  “This chapter is good for the band. We’re touring a lot, at least 200 dates a year. That is fulfilling that goal to play to as many people as possible.

On girl power:  “A big part of our job to encourage girls to pick up guitars and play.”

Diverse audience?  “We have a younger core audience, but the great thing about a Hunter Valentine show is the wide range of people. You have anything from 45 straight males to 13 queer girls at a show. As long as everyone is into the music.”

Queer perspectives in songwriting?  “I just write what I feel. I don’t know if that’s from a constant queer perspective. I try to write about what deeply affects me.”

Coming to Dallas:  “LGBT audiences can [be] straight up honest rock shows. We have lots of emotions and wear our hearts on our sleeves.”

Hunter Valentine performs tonight at The Cavern, 1914 Greenville Ave. 9 p.m. $8.