BASSETTWEDDING2AT&T Senior Public Relations Manager Charles Bassett married Craig McCabe on Friday, June 3 at the Dallas Arboretum. They’ve been together for seven years.

Bassett said they picked up their license earlier in the week and just picked a beautiful spot at the Arboretum to exchange vows. The Rev. Casey Dierkson presided.

To celebrate, the couple went to a Chris Daughtry concert at Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Okla.

“We were third row center,” Bassett said. “Craig held up a digital sign from his phone saying ‘Just Married.’ One of the band members noticed it and Chris recognized us from the stage and congratulated us.”

Then Daughtry brought the newlyweds on stage and congratulated them again.

“He gave us hugs as did the rest of the band,” Bassett said. “Afterward, he allowed us and a few others in the crowd to rock out with him on stage.”

The short first video shows Daughtry congratulating the couple and the crowd joining in the cheers. Remember: this is Oklahoma. The second video shows the couple on stage and rockin’ out. More cheers.

Congratulations Craig and Charles.