Expect to see some eye-catching new T-shirts around Big D. Locally produced, $30,000 Millionaire is a startup clothing line that has some extra-sassy novelty wear that borders on being mildly politically incorrect. But these shirts always bring the joke back home.

Guys can sport the saying “Dallas: the city with one big ball,” a design featuring a shot of the skyline dominated by the Reunion Tower sphere. In response to the Keep Austin Weird campaign, there’s Keep Dallas Pretentious. And in reclaiming a fitness-minded sensibility, there’s the Oak Lawn Gym shirt, pictured ($19.99 and currently sold-out), which resembles the Gold’s Gym logo, but instead of matching barbells the design features two musclemen figures.

Order online, www.30kdm.com.


The work of bisexual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat,

who died of AIDS in 1996, lives on. His estate entered a multi-year agreement with Reebok for a snazzy new shoe line. Starting at $140 a pair, the Basquiat Reeboppers, pictured, are designed in the artist’s favorite colors: red, white and black. And the rear heel features Basquiat’s trademark crown logo.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition of January 27, 2006. программа определение позиций сайта