OK, so this year it’s Thai food. But Rabbi Steve Fisch has declared Tharrific kosher for Christmas. And isn’t pork always kosher if it’s wrapped in a won ton?

Congregation Beth El Binah goes to Tharrific for a traditional Christmas dinner followed by a movie at the Magnolia. Dinner will be fixed price and served family style. And everyone’s welcome.

Another best bet for today might be Christmas eve services.

Merry Christmas Eve.

DEETS: Thairrific, 4000 Cedar Springs Road. 6:30 p.m. Fixed price family-style dinner. Movie at the Magnolia following dinner.

Christmas Eve services:

Cathedral of Hope:
12 p.m. — Shopper’s Christmas Eve
Minister Todd Scoggins, preaching
7 p.m. — IPC – Congregacion Latina Christmas Eve Mass
Rev. Alex De La Torre, preaching
7 & 9 p.m. — Traditional Christmas Eve (Incense at 9)
An Unexpected Messiah
Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson, preaching
11 p.m. — Silent Night Christmas
What Child Is This?
Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson, preaching

Celebration Community Church:
Candlelight Christmas Eve at 11 p.m. with the Rev. Carol West