For the second year, the Chinese Lantern Festival lights up acres of space at Fair Park with new features, including an acrobat show.

One of the highlights among this year’s displays is a replica of the White Pagoda built in 1204 in Yunnan Province. The nine spires stand up to 52 feet tall, about the same height as the original, and is made of 68,000 porcelain plates, cups, bowls and spoons hand-tied together.

Other features include a floating dragon boat that reflects in the lagoon, a multi-story castle and gardens of mushrooms, tulips and bamboo-eating pandas.

Chinese Lantern Festival at Fair Park. Dec. 5–Jan 5. 5:30 p.m.–10:30 p.m. Adults $22, children 4-12 $14. Parking $15 or take the Green Line to Fair Park Station.