As Joe pointed out with the classic “The Defenders (of Traditional Marriage)”, one would think the Talibangelicals would get tired of exposing their hypocrisy when trying to pin the destruction of traditional marriage on “the gays,” but you would be wrong:

Thousands of Christian conservatives spent 12 hours Saturday praying and fasting in front of the state Capitol at a gathering organizers described as spiritual repentance “when there is no hope for a nation.”

The daylong religious event titled, “TheCall to Conscience,” was led by Lou Engle as well as other pastors and speakers to protest gay marriage, pornography and abortion. Many of those attending slapped red “Life” stickers over their shirts and set up blankets and folding chairs facing a large stage with banners that read: “Only One Hope God.”

People close to the front of the stage held up their hands when called to prayer. They jumped and danced to musical performances between sermons. The gathering filled the west lawn of the state Capitol and hundreds of people spilled into the next block, but the rest of Capitol Mall’s five-block-long lawn went unused despite large screens and barricades set up for the occasion.

What will it take to ever convince these rubes it is their serial marriages, and their own ridiculous hypocrisy that has destroyed society’s evolved, formulated supposedly traditional idea of opposite sex marriage that has evolved to include serial marriages, multiple divorces and mix and match step-families? Like many, I come from a combined step-family, with half siblings, but don’t try to feed me the line LGBT’s couples can’t have our own definition of family when opposite sex couples can’t seem to settle on what constitutes “traditional marriage and family” except for their ridiculous assertion it has something to do with the couple’s private parts.

Certain conservative Evangelicals, like liar and hypocrite, Lou Engle, always need an external enemy, right? Seriously, the opposite sex crowd haven’t provided consistent good examples for a supposedly unique institution deserving of special rights now have they? What has worked for one opposite sex family certainly doesn’t work for other’s no matter how much they want to claim it is some kind of “cookie cutter” institution in danger of being lost. It is long past time for us to have our equal rights realized. Our American LGBT children, family’s and our partner’s deserve nothing less than the same rights those who want to continue to oppress us enjoy.