It’s no secret that a significant number of the folks who signed on as supporters of Gov. Rick Perry’s big prayer meeting — The Response — that he staged in early August at Houston’s Reliant Stadium were, to put it mildly, raving nut-cases. I mean, some of the first to endorse Perry’s day of prayer were Mike Bickle, who has said Oprah Winfrey is the precursor to the Anti-Christ, and C. Peter Wagner, who believes that Japan is possessed with a demon that had sex with the country’s emperor.

Don’t believe me? Just check out this Instant Tea blog post from July to see the video to prove it.

But among the fringiest of the fringe dwellers that was an “official endorser” of Perry’s Response was self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs, but just down I-35 a few miles in Red Oak.

Now, as Right-Wing Watch reports, Jacobs is crediting the Perry prayer meeting with breaking an ancient curse on the land caused by Native Americans who “did blood sacrifice” and were “cannibals and ate people.”

Apparently, there are lots of curses on the land since, according to Right Wing Watch, Jacobs has been devoting her show, God Knows, to what’s cursed and why. The whole Native American cannibals claim is just the latest. Jacobs says that sins like abortion, adultery and homosexuality have cursed the land (I guess maybe she’s talking about the drought and the wildfires in Texas?), and it’s up to the good Christian folks like her to take control of the weather and reverse the curse.

And thanks to Perry and his prayer meeting, Jacob says, at least the whole people-eating Native American curse is broken now.

I just hope that all the at least semi-reasonable people out there will stop and take notice of this woman and her bat-shit-craziness and remember: This is the kind of person who supports Rick Perry for president.