Troy Martinez Clattenburg
Troy Martinez Clattenburg

San Antonio police are finally treating the murder of Troy Martinez Clattenburg as a hate crime.

Dallas Voice reported on the Feb. 21 murder and that San Antonio police were not treating this murder as a hate crime. They have still not charged an accomplice.

Cody Carmichael confessed to the murder and said he committed the crime because of unwanted sexual advances. The San Antonio Express-News reported police said the case “lacked elements to prove a hate crime occurred.” However, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act provides funding to police departments specifically to investigate crimes of this type and find a link, if one exists.

Carmichael had left Clattenburg’s apartment and returned later to kill him with a gun provided by another man. That man has not been charged in connection with the killing.

Clattenburg’s sister and members of Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio recently met with San Antonio police and hate crime charges were added this week.раскрутка сайта в интернете статьи