“Bullying for any reason is contradictory to authentic religion.”

This statement by Dr. C. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance is a sentiment that has inspired faith leaders to declare that we cannot afford to be quiet in the face of the violence and hatred that is literally killing our LGBT youth.  This week, HRC partnered with a groundbreaking alliance of high level Christian and organizational leaders to release a statement calling on “the Church Universal to join us in working to end the violence and hatred against our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters.”  We also created a website Clergy Against Bullying and a petition for religious leaders to sign.

In the press statement accompanying this groundbreaking letter, the Director of HRC’s Religion and Faith Program, Harry Knox, recognized the leadership Jewish and Muslim leaders have provided in this effort.   “We rejoice that we are joining our voices with Muslims for Progressive Values and the more than 300 Jewish organizational leaders coordinated by Keshet.  You will be inspired to do more when you read the powerful Keshet and Muslim statements.”

If you are a religious leader who thinks religion should be, in Bishop Yvette Flunder’s words, about “humility, love and acceptance” please consider signing one of these statements.

If you, or someone you know, need to hear from religious leaders who see LGBT people as sacred and refuse to tolerate religion being used to tyrannize our youth, please check out these websites:

Clergy Against Bullying


Muslims for Progressive Values

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