DAVID TAFFET  |  Staff Writer

AIDS Arms is turning their old office space into a new clinic to serve people with HIV and AIDS in Oak Cliff.

Last week they sent pictures of the backhoe in the new clinic space digging up lots of dirt and trenches for all the required plumbing.

This week: Plumbing has been laid and cement is now being poured over the entire space for new floors and into the plumbing trenches.

AIDS Arms Executive Director Raeline Nobles reports, “Due to square footage, the bull dozer below is loaded up with cement in the parking lot and then it drives through the building and dumps it down for the cement guys to do their thing. Its moving very fast! HVAC is in, plumbing is in and cement is being poured! It will be a good day when that A/C is turned back on — its hot in there.”

And, a comparison shot to the photos on Tuesday: Dirt is out and new cement floors are in!  You can more clearly see the plumbing coming up from the ground to support the sinks in the exam rooms in this picture. Also, the worker on the ladder is putting in the main air conditioning vent line for the exam rooms which is the metal conduit you see attached to the roof at the top of the picture.