Sheriff Lupe Valdez

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton met in New York today with eight law enforcement leaders today, Aug. 18, including Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

The officials represent a group called Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration. On Tuesday this week, Valdez spoke to Stonewall Democrats about reducing rates of incarceration.

“It’s obvious that recent events — from Dallas and Baton Rouge to Milwaukee and across the country — underscore how difficult and important the work is ahead of us to repair the bonds of trust and respect between our police officers and our communities,” Clinton said, according to the Washington Post.

In addition to Valdez, the group meeting with Clinton included New York’s commissioner and chief, chiefs from Camden County, N.J., Los Angeles, Seattle, Tucson and the former Philadelphia commissioner.

In a story about the meeting, The Dallas Morning News referred to Valdez as “one of the most popular Democrats in North Texas. When she appeared onstage, Texas delegates in Philadelphia chanted her name.” Valdez spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.