John Weltman (back, right) and family
John Weltman (back, right) and family

John Weltman of Circle Surrogacy sent me a note that a new film following one of their couples premieres on CNN on Thursday, June 24 at 7 p.m. (Central Time).

Weltman was in Dallas recently for a seminar on surrogate parenting.

The film, “Gary and Tony Have a Baby,” follows Gary and Tony, a New York couple together for more than 20 years, through their surrogacy. Film crews documented the 15-month process from choosing a known egg donor, building a relationship with a strongly motivated surrogate and her supportive husband through the birth of their child.

The film is part of CNN’s “In America” series.

“They chose and personally met a known egg donor, a unique Circle option which provides access to future updates of the donor’s medical history, and allows the future child to benefit from the proven psychological advantages of meeting the donor and fully knowing his or her biological origin.

“Tony and Gary were matched with a surrogate who was fully screened not just for her medical suitability, but also to make sure she was legally suited to their circumstances, highly motivated, and fully supported by her husband.

“These and other measures are part of Circle’s strategy for successful surrogacy journeys, the result of 15 years of experience and a staff composed primarily of surrogacy veterans: parents, surrogates and egg donors. Circle is also unique in screening intended parents to, among other things, ensure that they are willing to treat the egg donors (who sometimes are friends or family members) and surrogate mothers with the full respect and appreciation they deserve.”

Weltman founded Circle Surrogacy and is a father of two boys born with the help of the same surrogate mother.

— David Taffet