Cannon Flowers at Aging LGBT Summit

Coalition for Aging LGBT has named board members and set up committees. The group was formed this year to deal with issues specifically relating to the aging in the LGBT community.

The organization has begun to forge relationships with experts on LGBT aging at University of North Texas and Texas Christian University and with those at University of New Mexico with expertise on inter-generational benefits.

The organization is looking for a permanent home and, during its incubator stage, is deciding whether to file for its own nonprofit status or move under the umbrella of an existing nonprofit.

Results of a survey to measure needs and direction will be published before the end of this year.

Current plans are to establish a hotline for service referrals and to host a second summit on LGBT aging before the end of the year. The first summit, held in June, drew 120 participants.

Coalition organizer Cannon Flowers said the challenge is daunting. In Dallas County, there are more than 60,000 members of the LGBT community who are 45 or older. According to the U.S. Census, 27 percent of people older than 65 live alone. People in the LGBT community are less likely to have someone, like a child, to be there when they need care.

Board members and committee assignments:

Cannon Flowers, chair
Robert Emery, vice-chair
Gregory S. Gunter, secretary
Kathy Bowser
Rabbi Steve Fisch, chair: Faith-based outreach and activities
Mike McKay
Leslie McMurray, chair: Marketing and public relations
Bart Poché
Shelly L. Skeen, chair: Policy and legislative advocacy
Linus “Buster” Spiller-Craft
Lee Taft
Candace M. Thompson
Samuel G. Tornabene