AfternoonI’m not a mixologist myself, but I know what I like, and recently, I’ve liked guava nectar. It’s sweet and unique … and I had no idea how to use it. So I decided to experiment.

Lots of missteps. Lots.

Then I decided I was over-complicating things — why not just get down to the basics? The Cape Cod — often dismissively referred to at bars as a “vodka-cran” — is a foundational drink that gets tweaked a lot. Add grapefruit juice, it’s a Sea Breeze; add pineapple juice, it’s a Bay Breeze; add o.j., it’s a Madras; add lime juice (and triple sec), and it’s a Cosmo. So what if I just added some guava?

In the spirit of Sex on the Beach, I give you the Afternoon Lagoon (I’m sure someone has made something similar, but this is my take).

2 parts Zodiac vodka

2 parts guava nectar

3 parts cranberry juice

Making it: Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice; strain into a highball glass with ice.