6 Dewar's Old Fashioned

Don Draper

After seven season, Mad Men closes up shop on Sunday night with the series finale of the show that popularized ’60s-era culture from three-martini lunches to skinny ties. And the cocktails they drank over the decade got us a little thirsty — which would be the ideal potable for each of the main characters? Well, we put together a few recipes. Pick the one that goes best with your personality and get yer pretty ass over here, sweetie!

Don Draper: Dewar’s Old Fashioned

It’s no secret that Don is a whisky drinker (though he favored client Canadian Club on the show) but for the finale, let’s break out the scotch. and have a traditional old fashioned.

1 oz. Dewar’s White Label

1 tsp. sugar

2 dashes bitters

1 Sapphire Ultimate Martini

Roger Sterling

Orange slices

Maraschino cherries

Water (or soda)

Making it: Muddle sugar, bitters, 1 cherry and 1 orange slice in the bottom of a rocks glass with a splash of water or soda. Add scotch and ice, garnish with orange twist and/or cherries. Think about your childhood and marry your secretary.

Roger Sterling: Ultimate Martini.

Roger’s a gin drinker (fish, more accurately) so this really reflects his aesthetic.

1 1/2 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin

A whisper of vermouth


9 Disaronno Godfather

Pete Campbell

Making it: Do it right: Chill a martini glass by filling with ice, swirled around. Then in a Boston shaker coat the glass side with vermouth to coat the sides and ice; discard. Refill with ice and gin. Shake. Strain into chilled glass with garnish. Make a droll remark and screw your secretary. (To turn it into a Peggy Olson, replace vermouth with tonic and serve in a high ball. Then smoke a joint and feel a little guilty about it.)

Pete Campbell: The Godfather

Pete may be weaselly, but he’s also the most progressive of the men on the show, always defending women, minorities and even gays (for the era).

3/4 oz. Disaronno amaretto

1 1/2 oz. whiskey.

Pour over ice. Rent a hotel room for an assignation with a shopgirl.