StarCanBack in the 1990s, Stephan Pyles’ gayborhood eatery, Star Canyon, was just about the hottest restaurant in the Southwest. And of course, they serves a margarita.

Well, Pyles now has several restaurants, including Stampede 66, where he serves a new frozen concoction called The Modern Star Canyon Margarita. Made tableside, this signature potable is as beautiful as you’d expect from Pyles. Because it includes a dose of liquid nitrogen, it’s perhaps not the easier cocktail to make at home. We don’t care. They shared with us the recipe, so here it is… and if you can’t make it yourself, well, that’s what reservations are for.

2 oz. Hornitos Silver tequila

1 oz. Patron Citronage

4 oz. prickly pear puree

4 oz. sweet and sour

Lime foam

Candied jalapenos

Making it: In a mixing bowl, combine tequilas, sour mix and puree. Using caution, incorporate liquid nitrogen into the mix until frozen. Be careful not to the the nitrogen with skin!) Once the mixture is frozen, scoop it into a margarita glass and level out. Top the frozen mixture with lime foam and jalapeno. Enjoy with a straw or spoon.