The Mull It Over (Photo by Jerry F. Nerviano)

I was at Victor Tangos a few weeks ago (awesome food, awesome cocktails) when the bartender, Corey Howe, handed across the bar a concoction he had mixed up just that day. Made with mulling spices, rum and wine, my friends and I found it delish — an evocative brew that spoke to seasonality and aromas of Christmastime. Corey hadn’t even come up with a name yet, so I suggested a few: The Mullet. No. 1 with a Mullet. The Moscow Mull. The Martin Mull.

He hated them all, and eventually settled on The Mull It Over.

I wasn’t insulted that he didn’t like my cocktail names, I was too busy delighting in this drink, which he agreed to share will everyone.

2 oz. Blackwell rum

3/4 oz. mulling spice syrup (equal parts water and sugar with 2 packets of mulling spices)

3/4 oz. lemon juice.

1/4 oz. orange juice

3/4 oz. ruby port (cold)

Making it: Shake all the ingredients together with ice, strain, top with ice and a garnish of grated nutmeg.