Someone has acquired several domain names related to Collin County Judge Keith Self (shown above) and linked them to, Shelly Slater of WFAA-TV reports. Self, who chairs the Collin County Commissioners Court, is a Republican who’s up for re-election next year.

The unidentified pranksters reportedly told WFAA-TV in an e-mail, “we can tell you that we are much closer to Keith than you might think.” The domain names that were linked to included, and, .net, .org and .info. Needless to say, Self isn’t too happy — he called the prank “serious business” and “the politics of personal destruction” — but he still seems fairly confident about his sexual orientation.

“I have enough trust and faith in my good name that people will not think that this is anything that I am associated with,” Self said.

In case you’re wondering, Self is a member of Stonebriar Community Church, an evangelical Christian congregation in Frisco, according to his real Web site, He also serves on the board of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, which is affiliated with Prestonwood Baptist Church. And his wife, Tracy, serves as the Children’s Director for McKinney/Allen Community Bible Study.

WFAA reports that some of the Web site links were later changed from to Google, and I have confirmed this. According to The Dallas Morning News, Self has filed reports with the District Attorney’s Office and the FBI. You can read WFAA’s full report and watch the video by going here.

UPDATE: A representative from the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance has posted a statement about this incident in the comments below.
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