The Dallas Eagle had a packed house Halloween night with its Cops and Robbers party. With encouraged uniform dress, people filled the club with costumes and beef to partake in major tricks and treats. Or it might have had something to do with a special performer for the night.

Colton Ford performed at the party and despite a mere four songs, he wasn’t too bad.  When we spoke, he constantly mentioned how much he loved singing but I wondered how he would do live with tracks that rely on some pretty heavy production. I have to admit, my expectations were pleasantly surprised. He pulled off some nice singing chops against pre-recorded tracks. I wonder what he’d be like in a softer setting. Despite the brief show, he worked it hard and the audience swooned and groped his hard body as he sang to the standing crowd on the dance floor. Friends and I debated how much flesh he’d show and Ford refrained from stripping down. Although he and his beefy entourage (including his partner) were all shirtless during the autograph session.

The party itself was a success. The Eagle had a great vibe to it and of course the costumes and uniforms were hot. I didn’t expect it to be an educational jaunt either. Sir Duncan offered expert advice and demonstration on the art of being spanked  and flogged to some colleagues and friends.

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