Radio Now’s The Scotty Show is holding its first annual Gay Cupcake Party tomorrow, a week after the co-owner of an Indianapolis establishment refused to make rainbow-themed treats for a college diversity group’s National Coming Out Day celebration.

According to The Advocate, the co-owner of the business cited family values as the reason for refusing the college students.  The business owner told a local reporter: “I explained we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not do that.” The co-owner went on to say “We have our values, and you know, some things … for instance, if someone wants a cookie with an obscenity, well, we’re not going to sell that.”

The incident has prompted a wave of support from the Indianapolis community – both gay and straight. A spokesman says Mayor Greg Ballard was “dismayed” by the bakery’s refusal to serve the students, calling it “unacceptable.” Ballard has ordered an investigation – the cookie retailer is located in the publicly owned City Market.

The reaction presents an opportunity to open a dialogue on LGBT discrimination, and the importance of educating businesses in Indianapolis regarding compliance with the city’s human rights ordinance. A friend of one of the customers agreed, telling Fox 59: “I don’t want to topple anybody at all. I just think it’s important we ask ourselves and that [the business] asks themselves why they made the statement, why they’re making these choices and how it’s ultimately affecting their business and the community as a whole.”

HRC and Indiana Equality will be thanking the mayor for his support of non-discrimination at the event, and have placed an ad in the Indianapolis Star for Friday. Indiana Equality works to end discrimination in the state through activities like community engagement and mobilization, and a speakers’ bureau.

Show your support for ending discrimination by checking out the Gay Cupcake Party on Facebook, or in person if you’re local. And, in advance of National Coming Out Day, HRC offers an array of resources for coming out or supporting a loved one. If you’re in Indiana and want to help combat discrimination, check out Indiana Equality and see how you can make a difference.

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