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Publication of special section by DMN marks 15th year

For the 15th consecutive year, it’s time to come out in the Dallas Morning News.

The largest chapter of the National Coming Out Project in the country will publish its annual special advertising section, “Be Who You Are,” in the daily newspaper on Oct. 12.

This year’s edition will focus on faith and religion and will feature a front-page story about the Rev. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay bishop in history. The three-time award winning publication also will list the names of individuals and groups who’ve signed a petition in opposition to anti-gay discrimination.

Publication of the advertising section coincides with National Coming Out Day, which this year will be Thursday, Oct. 11.

“National Coming Out Day is about taking the next step to living an open and free life, free of fear, free of anxiety about who you are,” said Jennifer Kimberlin, co-chair for the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Human Rights Campaign’s Coming Out Project this year. “The idea is to keep coming out in your mind as you go throughout the year, but obviously National Coming Out day is intended to be that special day when that happens.”

The DFW Coming Out Project will hold a publication party Oct. 21. For more information, e-mail

Also this year, there will be a series of workshops exploring the process of coming out called “Journey.” The workshops will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. each Tuesday from Oct. 16 through Dec. 4 at Northhaven United Methodist Church, 11211 Preston Road in Dallas.

To enroll or for more information, e-mail or call Jim McBride at 214-284-9194.

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