LGBT fave Ani DiFranco is making her way back through town. She’ll be performing at the Granada April 11 which gives you plenty of time to plan for it. Tickets, however, go on sale this Friday at noon and priced at $35.

I interviewed DiFranco for the now-defunct Red magazine a couple of years ago. It was a gay club pub much like the TWT. We talked about her kids and her life in Louisiana and what not. But when I broached the subject of her bisexuality (intending to lead up to another question), it took a weird turn. She gave a prolonged and hesitant “yeah” when I mentioned she identified as bi. I wasn’t sure if she was pulling some sort of Anne Heche identity complex. I just wish I could link to the interview for ya to read but the site is no more.

But she appreciated her LGBT audience and talked about her concerts being filled with both straight and gay people but mostly women.

The one thing I did learn was you don’t accidently call her “Annie.” That is unless you want your interview cut short. It’s ah-nee. Say it with me. Ah. game mobiкупить текста для сайта стоимость