Right after I saw lesbian singer Mary Gauthier was coming to the area in Pollstar, I received Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse calendar to confirm. Although, Pollstar is pretty reliable.

In 2010, Gauthier (pronounced go-shay) released the autobiographical album The Foundling, but last year, she released a sort of outtakes album of those tracks which became The Foundling Alone, and what I consider far more interesting than the previous release. In stripped down mode, her sessions were taped to reveal something more than just Gauthier demoing the tracks for producer Michael Timmins.

She brings that ever-present emotion, soul and vulnerability from the album to town — and a whole lot more. With eight albums under her belt, Gauthier continues her musical journey that’s more about asking questions than answering them. That journey brings her to Uncle Calvin’s on March 2 with Cary Cooper opening.

Tickets are $15–$18 and available online at UncleCalvins.org.