When I mentioned Semi-Precious Weapons’ solo show coming to Dallas later this month, they were still on the tour calendar of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour and set to play her follow-up show in March. Clearly, that has changed. Scissors Sisters is in and SPW is out. SS posted the heads-up about joining her on the tour on their site here.

As I’ve said, SPW is better in a smaller venue, but SS could really knock this one out. I think they are much better match and could fill the arena pretty damn well with their own dance pop sound.

Lady Gaga plays American Airlines Center March 14.

UPDATE: Well, OK, then. Clearly a breakdown in communication. And props to commenter Jimmy for staying on top of it. We had initially received word that Scissor Sisters would be the 2011 support for Gaga and that SPW was her 2010 opener (read my comment below). SPW’s rep Lisa Taylor at 42 West reached out to clarify and confirm that SPW is sticking with the Monster Ball tour and thus is on the bill. They are confirming with LiveNation that everyone is on the same page. So it looks like we’re all good now and the best part, audiences get a triple bill out of it.