Bi musician Jamie Stewart brings his Xiu Xiu to town.

OK, you have some time to plan on this one. Xiu Xiu‘s tour stops in Dallas at the Cavern on Lower Greenville Mar. 11. The show comes just days after their newest release Dear God, I Hate Myself which drops Feb. 23. Get a sampling of the avant-garde popsters, fronted by bi-rocker Jamie Stewart, by checking out their track, “Gray Death,” from the new album here. Stewart produced the album with Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier. However, on Xiu Xiu’s blog, Stewart mentioned in late December, he is working with Dallas producer and musician John Congleton of the Paper Chase on his next record. Whether that’s a solo record or Xiu Xiu release is unclear.

They are releasing Dear God in varied special editions. You can order on their site your choice of special edition CD with either chocolate made by the band or with a Xiu Xiu for Life t-shirt written in blood. Yeah, real blood.

While you make your decision on that, spend some time looking over the kinky concert poster for the tour after the jump.

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