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As safer sex activists around the country marked National Condom Week this week, Sara Lee Goff, founder and CEO of Condoms to Go/Sara’s Secret, was making the latest in a long list of condom donations.

Goff coordinated the donation of 1,000 of the latex prophylactics through Steven Graves, owner of an Oak Lawn insurance agency who volunteers with AIDS Arms, AIDS Services of North Texas and AIDS Services of Texoma.

“Sara Lee has given us thousands and thousands of condoms over the past few years, and through these three organizations, we make sure the condoms go to people in low income and high risk groups,” Graves said.

“We want to make sure these condoms go where they are needed the most, and that they go to people who can’t afford to just go out and buy them,” he added.

Goff started Condoms to March of 1992, and donating to AIDS organizations has been a priority for her from the beginning, she said.

“I used to donate a percentage of our profits each year.

“But I felt like the money didn’t always get to the right places. So I decided to donate product instead,” she said.

Goff said Condoms to Go/Sara’s Secret donates condoms about 1,000 at a time to several organizations every year. Last year, she said, the company donated about 5,000 condoms to AIDS Arms alone.

“I do it because it is important. I do it because condoms save lives,” Goff added. “I have a lot of friends gay and straight, it doesn’t matter who are out there in the dating world, and they need to be safe.”

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, February 24, 2006. как быстро продвинуть сайтпродвижение сайта цены