I received my census form today, filled it out and put it in the mail. (The census comes with a postage paid envelope so no waiting on long lines at the post office for a stamp).

The census is short and easy to fill out. Several questions are about how you self-identify.

Transgender people should enter the sex that they identify as. However, there will be no count of transgender people. You will be counted as male or female. Period.

Gays or lesbians will be counted as same-sex couples if “Person 2” marks “Husband or wife” or “Unmarried partner” and both people in the house are the same sex. Although we are not, Miguel and I marked “Unmarried partner”so we would count.

Well, actually we marked “Pareja no casada” because I filled out the form en espanol. Why? Porque yo could. Hopefully this will confuse somebody because I filled it out in the column that’s in Spanish and marked that I was not hispanic. Race, however, is another item that should be entered as you self-identify.

The one question I had a problem with is age and date of birth. I know my date of birth. I’ll say it. I was born in 1953. But I self-identify as 35. According to Elizabeth Lopez Lyon, the LGBT partnership specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau in Dallas, that should be filled out as actual age, not how I self-identify.rpg mobile gamesсоздание корпоративного сайта