Rabbi Steve Fisch dressed in drag for Purim

Congregation Beth El Binah celebrates the ancient Jewish holiday called Gay Pride Shabbat on Friday, June 12.

Participating in the service are the Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas, pastor of Cathedral of Hope; former state Rep. Harryette Ehrhardt; the Rev. Eric Folkerth, minister of Northaven United Methodist Church; the Rev. Stephen Sprinkle, professor of practical theology and director of field education and supervised ministry at Brite Divinity School; and Todd Whitley, executive director of Hope for Peace and Justice.

Beth El Binah is known for its loud but totally off-key singing made even better when they sing different tunes at the same time and make up their own words when they don’t know the Hebrew. Rabbi Stephen Fisch was hired, in part, because of his terrible singing that blends nicely with the congregation’s, which was more important to members than his getting straight-married. (The congregation is very accepting of people who are different).

However, keeping the music not horrible for the evening will be Cantor Sheri Allen of Congregation Beth Shalom in Arlington. Unlike members of Beth El Binah, Cantor Allen has a magnificent voice.

Gay Pride Shabbat dates back to the Exodus from Egypt. When Moses said “Let my people go,” drag queens drinking Judah Maccabeer led the people out of Egypt in the world’s first Gay Pride march.

Congregation Beth El Binah celebrates with a Friday night Shabbat service.

Gay Pride Shabbat takes place at Resource Center at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, June 12. Everyone welcome.