By Associated PRess

HARTFORD, Conn. In the first six weeks that civil unions were legal in Connecticut, 463 gay couples received licenses.
During the first two weeks that gay marriage was legal in Massachusetts, 1,474 couples took vows, according to the civil rights group Love Makes a Family.
But that state has almost twice Connecticut’s population. And while there are many like de la Roche who believe Connecticut’s law is an insult, there are a lot of other reasons for the discrepancy, said state Rep. Mike Lawlor, D-East Haven, a key sponsor of the civil unions law.
People rushed to get married in Massachusetts, because that law was ordered by the courts and many feared it would eventually be overturned.
Connecticut is the first state to give gay couples those rights without a court order. The civil union license applications are identical to those for marriage, except “bride” and “groom” have been replaced with “party 1” and “party 2.”
“Certainly people are not nervous here,” Lawlor said. “There is no rush, because people know this law is not going away.”
Anne Stanback, the president of Love Makes a Family, said reaction to the law in the gay community has been mixed.
Many embrace the law as a great step forward, and will eventually take advantage of its legal protections, she said.
“Some feel it’s kind of like getting your wills done,” she said. “It’s something that’s important and we’ll get around to it, but we just haven’t done it yet.” for mobiadwords цены