Godfather PoliticsOn the eve of today’s municipal elections an anonymously written blog post from “Godfather Politics” warns of the “homosexual agenda” being pursued at the Houston ballot box. The post, entitled “Homosexuals Battle for Control of Houston,” suggest that Mayor Annise Parker and a grand cabal of LGBT leaders are engaged in a conspiracy to recruit young people via election to high office. The “Godfather” reserves special ire for out transgender candidate Jenifer Rene Poole, who is running for the open City Council Position II seat.

“Not only is self-professed homosexual Mayor Annise Parker running for reelection but a man who thinks he is a woman is running for city council. His name is Jenifer Rene Pool.

Young people are influenced by these very visible role models. They will think it’s OK to experiment sexually. Why not? The mayor is a homosexual. That’s hard enough to explain. What will you say to your children when they ask you this question: What’s a “transgendered woman”? You can tell them, Mr. Pool had his sex organs removed.”

The blog post goes on to connect the Houston LGBT community to accused (straight) child molester former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky and the North American Man Boy Love Association.

After listing the full slate of candidates endorsed by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, the “Godfather” lists his own endorsed candidates. The list includes mayoral candidate Dave Wilson, who last week began calling Houstonians with a recorded message warning of Mayor Parker’s “alternative lifestyle.” The Godfather-endorsed candidates perfectly match the endorsements by the Conservative Republicans of Texas, led by Steven Hotze (who you may remember for his anti-LGBT fliers attacking Parker during the last election).

Houston voters seemed poised to refuse the Godfather’s offer of an election fueled by homo/transphobia. In a poll released Monday by the Carreño Group Parker commands a 26% lead over her closest challenger, Fernando Herrera . Polls open at 7 am on Tuesday and close at 7 pm. Visit HarrisVotes.org and find out voting locations.