Conservatives, such as Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, are upset with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Be advised: Gorsuch attends a church that is rabidly pro-gay, pro-Muslim, pro-green, and anti-Trump,” Fischer tweeted.

Gorsuch attends St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colo. Although Gorsuch wrote the 10th Court of Appeals’ Hobby Lobby decision, conservatives distrust what he hears in church from its pastors and some of the things the church does.

What’s an example of what this hotbed of Colorado Springs liberalism does? The church has installed solar panels to fight so-called global warming, the right argues. On the other hand, sometimes solar panels are installed to simply reduce the electric bill.

Conservatives are objecting to the church having rung its bells 49 times after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando. They dislike the church’s female pastor, the Rev. Susan W. Springer, who attended the Women’s March and performs same-sex marriages, according to the Washington Post.

Another member of the church’s clergy has spoken in favor of gun control and condemned disrespectful talk about Muslims by Trump.

No, Gorsuch has never claimed any of these positions. And the only statement he’s made about his church is that it’s diverse with people who embrace a wide variety of positions. But that’s not good enough for extremists like Fischer, who is working to derail Gorsuch’s appointment along … along with liberal groups.