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John Otte, director of Tarleton State production of “Corpus Christi”

After announcing that they would host a production of the canceled Tarleton State University production of “Corpus Christi” and three other student-directed plays, the Rose Marine Theater has “recinded the offer” to stage the production.

Rose Marine Executive Director Adam Adolfo said the decision was made due to a “combination of factors.” He did not characterize it as a cancellation, since a date had not been set.

The theater made this statement:

Statement Concerning Tarelton State University Theatre Students:

April 8, 2010 – The decision was reached by the Board of Directors of Artes de la Rosa to withdraw the offer of the venue, The Rose Marine Theater, which had hoped to host the 4 theatre student directors from Tarleton State University in their continued Academic Directing Theatre Projects.  The Rose Marine Theater will not be hosting these 4 students and their casts at any time in the future. We appreciate the public response on both sides of this debated issue.

Also announced yesterday by QLive was a full-scale production of the play during the summer at the same theater.

“Discussions are occurring,” Adolfo said, regarding that production.

The Christian press has been touting its “non-violent protests” that led to the cancellation at Tarleton. Apparently threats of violence are what they claim are peaceful protests.

Adolfo confirmed that one threat had been received via Facebook.реклама на штендерахраскрутка сайта статьи