By Staff Reports

Blake Kennedy, president and CEO of James Pierce Cosmetics announced this week that 10 percent of all the company’s profits each month will be donated to different HIV/AIDS organizations and foundations and various LGBT community organizations in the United States and Canada.

“My goal with James Pierce Cosmetics was not only to create a company that provided top quality skin care, but also to create a company that cared enough to give back to the community,” Kennedy said. “I feel that the fight for a cure and the fight for equality and understanding are just as important as the products my company produces.”

He added, “I do not feel that I can change the world with my one small company. But I do hope that I can make it a little better with my devotion to what “‘we’ stand for and represent.”

Kennedy said that the James Pierce Cosmetics skin care line is designed for and by the LGBT community, and that he envisioned a skin care line that targeted the community by listening to what LGBT people want and striving to create the product.

The company’s skin care products range from revitalizing eye gels, to facial scrubs or cleansers, muscle rubs, wrinkle relaxant creams, moisturizers, shave gels and liquid eye liners and pencils.

For additional information about the James Pierce products, call 866-363-6412 or go online to

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, October 27, 2006. поисковая оптимизация сайтов киев