Texas House incumbent Kenneth Sheets spent $548,844.71 and received 27,009 votes in the 2016 election — a cost of $20.32 for every voten he received.

That’s double what his challenger, Victoria Neave, spent to win the election. Neave spent $288,794.67 and won with 27,837 votes, which translates to $10.37 per vote.

The figures have just been released by the Texas Tribune.

North Dallas incumbent state Rep. Linda Koop spent $258,827.11 to get 31,506 votes, or $8.22 per vote. State Rep. Jason Villalba spent $256,653.15 or $6.85 per vote in his re-election bid. South Dallas state Rep. Yvonne Davis spent $2.27 per vote.

Of the two lesbians serving in the Texas House, Austin’s Celia Israel spent $122,270.80 or $2.82 for each vote she received. El Paso’s Mary Gonzalez was unopposed and no expenditures are reported in the Texas Tribune report.

Locally in the U.S. House, Rep. Jeb Hensarling spent the most money on his re-election campaign: $1,188,686.86 to garner 155,149 or $7.66 per vote.

Rep. Pete Sessions spent the most on a race that was uncontested by a Democrat. Sessions did have Green Party and Libertarian Party opponents. He spent $541,375.13 to receive 162,212 or $3.34 per vote in a district that also voted for Clinton.

In other local races, Rep. Marc Veasey spent $3.43 per vote in his re-election effort. Rep. Sam Johnson spent $1.20 per vote received. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson spent $.59 per vote.