No one would call Cal Thomas a progressive. For five years, he was vice president of the Moral Majority, and his syndicated column bloviates on Right Wing issues every week.

He’s certainly no fan of gay rights. You just have to read this comment to see how he misstates facts and spins his anti-gay propaganda:

One must hand it to the gay rights movement. They have taken advantage of a morally exhausted nation that tolerates so many things that used to be intolerable — from abortion, to easy divorce, to pornography. And they have attacked American traditions at their strongest points, from the military, to pressuring Disney to allow “gay days” at their amusement parks, to marriage.

In that same piece, Thomas laments the “anti-Christian” ruling in Iowa, flogs that old horse “if we allow gay marriage, then how to we oppose polygamy?” and on.

But then Thomas does something surprising — he turns his focus on the real issue the Right should be discussing: That “traditional” heterosexual marriage ain’t in such great shape. And he makes an astonishing conclusion:

The battle over same-sex marriage is on the way to being lost. For conservatives who still have faith in the political system to reverse the momentum, you are … “closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge.”

Ummm… did a leader of Republican punditry just say same-sex marriage is inevitable and his party should abandon its efforts to oppose it?

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