Rowan County, Ky. Clerk Kim Davis

I’m a big Kim Davis fan, so I’ve been following her oppression closely. Here’s some interesting things I’ve learned about her:

• Davis is a Democrat who was elected last November. She’s paid $80,000 a year to not do her job.

• While Elena Kagan oversees the Sixth Circuit, she didn’t reject Davis’ appeal alone. Kagan referred the appeal to the full court, which rejected Davis’ appeal.

• David Moore and David Ermold, the gay couple who applied for their marriage license for a third time after the Supreme Court rejected Davis’ appeal, want her to face financial penalties, but no jail time.

• U.S. District Judge David Bunning may disagree. He ordered Davis and her six deputy clerks to appear at 11 a.m. on Thursday at the federal court in Ashland, Ky. They’ll face contempt of court charges and could be fined, jailed or both. Of her six deputies, one has no problem issuing marriage licenses to all couples. Four share her religious interpretation of her job duties. The other one isn’t saying one way or another.

• Davis didn’t explain why she went to the U.S. District Court, appealed to the Sixth Circuit and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, if she had no intention of following the court’s orders. Her explanation of her defiance is that she’s operating under God’s authority.

• Unless God appears to testify for her on Thursday, Bunning might rule otherwise.