Country-flavored singer-songwriter Kristie Stremel, pictured, played a gig in Denton in 2004. But in December, the lesbian songstress took a sabbatical and went back to school to finish her degree at the Garden City Community College, in Garden City, Kansas. 

On Jan 30, Stremel attended a lecture where Finney County Attorney John Wheeler was asked to provide information relating to sexual assault, prevention of sex offenses and procedures to follow after an offense has occurred.

Because of the Cleary Act, all colleges that receive federal financial aid are required to provide education regarding sexual offenses and their prevention. Stremel says more than 100 students attended Wheeler’s 30-minute slide presentation where sodomy was defined as a sex crime. In Kansas, same-sex sodomy is outlawed, but because of Lawrence v. Texas, the law in unenforceable. 

Stremel sent a clip of the lecture — to get the word out that this is the message gays in Kansas hear. And to refuse Wheeler to make her and her gay brothers and sisters into criminals.    

Here’s the clip:


 — Daniel A. Kusner

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