By John Wright Staff Writer

State agency takes “‘precautionary’ action after learning about 2 children’s injuries; DPD launches investigation

David Thomas

Seventeen children in the custody of the state Division of Child Protective Services have been removed from Bryan’s House after two of them sustained injuries in recent weeks.

Bryan’s House Executive Director David Thomas said DCPS began removing the children Wednesday, March 14 after it was discovered during a doctor’s visit that an infant who’d been staying at the facility had a broken collar bone and leg.

Both the Texas Department of State Health Services, which oversees licensing of Bryan’s House, and the Dallas Police Department are investigating.

“It’s just a mystery,” Thomas said, adding it’s the first time in the history of Bryan’s House that anything like this has happened. “Everybody we’ve talked to is just scratching their heads. It’s just very difficult to imagine when this could have happened or who could have done this.”

Thomas said the second injury was minor and involved biting between two children in which no skin was broken.

Marissa Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Region 3 of the Department of Family Protective Services, which is over DCPS, said the children were removed from the facility as a precautionary measure until the investigation is complete.

“It’s not exactly clear if these injuries were sustained while these children were at this facility, but until we have more information we’re not going to place there,” Gonzalez said. “We’re going to place children elsewhere.”

The investigation comes on the eve of the 20th anniversary celebration for Bryan’s House, which is set for Tuesday, March 27.

“It doesn’t really change any of the plans or any of the excitement,” Thomas said.

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