You can pee here

Anti-transgender forces may be starting to cave in their fight to regulate where transgender people pee.

An amendment to SB6, better known as the Texas bathroom bill, would exempt stadiums and convention centers from the regulation. In addition to the cost of inspecting everyone’s vagina before entering a restroom at places like AT&T Stadium or the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, the NCAA and NFL have threatened boycotts of states with bathroom bills. The Final Four has already been moved from Charlotte¬†to San Antonio next year because of a bathroom bill in North Carolina, costing that state tens of millions in revenue.

Sports boycotts, however, are not dependent on allowing transgender fans to pee in their arenas. They’re prompted by opposition to state-sponsored discrimination.

“It exposes how bullshit this bill is,” said transgender activist Leslie McMurray. “The bill is supposed to be about ‘safety.’ Are they saying women are inherently safer in stadium bathrooms and not in need of protection?”

She also pointed out that with this exemption, children who weren’t allowed to use the restroom in their schools could just run over to the American Airlines Center and pee.