Wonderful write up on the ass John McCain made of himself at today’s Senate Armed Services DADT report hearing. From HuffPost Hill:

McCain really brought the cranky at today’s hearing: First he complained that there wasn’t enough time to adequately address the issue. In an effort to placate his colleague, committee chair Carl Levin added an extra minute to each senator’s allotted time and Robert Gates pledged to stay an extra half-hour. Then McCain used his extra time to question Gates about the Wikileaks controversy, moments after whining about the cramped schedule. Despite an opening statement that accused the Pentagon report on gays and lesbians in uniform of being flawed, McCain cited a section showing opposition to DADT repeal among Marines. We don’t know who forgot to put raisins in John McCain’s oatmeal this morning but…yeesh…that is one cantankerous senior citizen. May God be with the pimply checkout clerk that has to deal with John McCain and an expired coupon book.